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About the Crossfire College Prep Website
This website is part of the Crossfire College Prep Program to help you prepare yourself for college, whether you choose to play soccer or not.

From the “Player Home” main page you will find all this tabs available:
  • My Schools – You see the list of schools you are interested in. You add schools to this list from the “College Search” Section.
  • My Profile – You put valuable information about yourself for college coaches to gain access to. After a college coach gets validated and gains credentials they will be able to see each player’s profile. This information will also be used by team managers for creating college profile sheets to be handed out to college coaches during tournaments and games.
  • My Check List – We have created an extensive 116 step program to help you accomplish your goal of going to college. In this section you will be able to see all those steps and be able to check them off to track your progress.
  • My Correspondence – Track your correspondence to schools. It will also allow the Crossfire College Administrator to see where you stand on your correspondence and help guide you to further progress.
  • Academic Tracking – Add your courses and final grades from those courses so college coaches can see what courses you are taking and what your GPA is.
  • College Search – Search for schools based on varying criteria including: size of school and geography. This is also where you add schools you are interested in to your “My Schools”.
  • Scholarships & Grants – Links to resources which can help you get scholarships. Not everyone gets a full ride to school and being able to supplement your tuition with scholarships to reduce the amount of money you have to get loaned to you will help post-college.
  • Reference Reading – The Crossfire College Prep Book that was handed out at registration night to all players has been put into the website. You will be able to see every page on the website, should you ever need to see the book quickly.
  • SAT/ACT Test Prep – Company that helps students prepare for the rigors involved with ACT and SAT testing.
  • Video Services – List of recommended companies that offer video services to players at Crossfire.
  • Personal Trainers – Recommended companies that offer physical and soccer training to players at Crossfire.
  • Academic Tutoring – Recommended companies that offer academic tutoring services to players at Crossfire.
  • College Consulting – For those interested in a third-party full-service recruitment company.
If we are missing a college that you feel should be in the list, please let us know and we can add it. Our list includes over 7500 different colleges in the US.
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